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  3. Get Your CLE Certificate Instantly is open any time of the day or night, so you can complete your Arizona CLE requirement on your schedule! Arizona attorneys may earn all 15 CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credits from Attorney Credits online CLE as part of the State Bar of Arizona CLE requirement. The following media formats satisfy the Arizona "Interactive CLE" requirement: streaming video, MP3 and Video Download. Additionally, each Arizona CLE course has accompanying high-quality written materials that include practice documents, statutes, case law and commentary. Attorney Credits is an Approved Provider of CLE in a number of states across the country and currently offers CLE 48 states. We have helped hundreds of Arizona complete their Arizona CLE requirement.

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Arizona CLE Requirements

Arizona CLE Requirement
Total AZ CLE Credits required: 15

Arizona Specialty Requirement
Professional Responsibility: 3 credit hours

AZ CLE Compliance Requirements
Reporting Cycle: Annual
CLE Compliance Deadline: June 30
CLE Reporting Deadline: September 15

Credits AZ Attorneys Can Earn on
Arizona attorneys can earn all 15 CLE units with online CLE courses.

Each Arizona attorney must complete a total of 15 hours of CLE annually as part of the State Bar of Arizona CLE requirement, including 3 mandatory hours of Professional Responsibility. The annual Arizona CLE compliance period runs from July 1-June 30 and the CLE reporting deadline in Arizona is September 15. Arizona attorneys must submit proof of meeting their Arizona CLE requirements on a form provided by the State Bar of Arizona. Online filing is also available for Arizona attorneys beginning in July and a blank affidavit is also included in the September edition of the Arizona Attorney magazine that is issued in August. The certificates of completion issued by Attorney Credits should be maintained for your personal CLE records. The State Bar of Arizona does not certify CLE courses or CLE providers. Arizona lawyers must independently review the Arizona CLE Rules and make their own determination that a CLE course or CLE provider qualifies for CLE credit towards the Arizona CLE requirements. Arizona CLE Regulation 104(A) contains the standards that apply to CLE courses and CLE providers that delineate whether a CLE course will qualify for CLE credit in Arizona.


Top Arizona CLE Questions

  • What are the CLE requirements in Arizona?
    Arizona attorneys must complete at least 15 AZ CLE credit hours annually.
  • How many online CLE courses can I take through Attorney Credits?
    All fifteen (15) CLE credit hours.
  • Does Arizona certify CLE providers or approve CLE courses?
    The State Bar of Arizona does not approve or accredit CLE providers or CLE programs. Arizona Rule 45 and the accompanying CLE Regulations require Arizona attorneys to evaluate CLE courses based on the guidelines set forth in the Arizona CLE Regulations and report their CLE activities by affidavit. The Arizona CLE standards are very broad and many providers and sponsors often meet these standards.
  • Are Attorney Credits' CLE courses accepted by the State Bar of Arizona?
    While the State Bar of Arizona does not approve or accredit CLE providers or CLE programs, many CLE providers routinely meet the standards of Arizona Rule 45. Attorney Credits is an Approved Provider of Continuing Legal Education in a number of jurisdictions across the country - including California, New York, New Jersey and Texas. Thousands of attorneys across the country have completed tens of thousands of CLE courses using our CLE website. We have also had hundreds of Arizona attorneys use our website to fulfill their Arizona CLE requirements.
  • Do Attorney Credits' online CLE programs qualify for interactive CLE credit?
    Yes, both online and downloadable CLE courses are interactive. For online streaming video courses you must click on randomly inserted pop ups during the video to confirm that you are viewing the course. For downloadable courses we have embedded numeric codes in the courses. You must write these number codes down and then enter them on our website after you complete the course to obtain your course certificate.
  • How do I report my Arizona CLE compliance?
    The annual CLE compliance period in Arizona is July 1 to the following June 30. Arizona attorneys must file CLE affidavits by September 15. The online electronic affidavit is available beginning in July. An alternative option to report is to print off a blank affidavit from the State Bar of Arizona website, complete it and mail it. Attorneys may also use the blank affidavit in the Arizona Attorney magazine issued in mid-August to report AZ CLE compliance.
  • Who can I contact for more information about AZ CLE?
    For more information about AZ CLE, please call the State Bar of Arizona at (602) 252-4804. You may also contact Attorney Credits support via email or telephone. For further assistance and information on Arizona CLE, please call our Support Center at (760) 434-1885 or visit our support page on the website by using the following link:
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