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Here are some testimonials and reviews from Attorney Credits CLE users:

"Interesting, eye-opening subject matter. Pacing and presentation were excellent." - John (Hinsdale, IL)

"Wow! Really excellent work, and a great course! I am amazed to learn of the size of the legal and illegal sex trade in Nevada, and that the latter is twice the size of other states. That says a lot. Great work." - Trent (Scottsdale, AZ)

"This was a very powerful presentation." - Paul (Birmingham, AL)

"Excellent course - very interesting historical perspective and outstanding written materials with legal citations." - George (Lake Forest, CA)

"A deeply moving and powerful presentation about a critically important subject for lawyers. Thank you!!" - Gabriel (White Plains, NY)

"This may be the most important and beneficial CLE lecture I have ever attended. EVERY lawyer should be required to take this class. A +++++++!!! That you!" - Alexis (Red Bank, NJ)

"The instructor was excellent. One of the best CLE programs I’ve listen to in a long time." - Eileen (Richmond, TX)

"The program is fabulous, profound, moving exactly as it is. Don't change a thing." - David (Kingwood, TX)

"The most impactful CLE of my life" - Dana (Feasterville Trevose, PA)

"A very important presentation. Raised a lot of issues and points with which attorneys, whether they admit it or not, are constantly dealing with." - Ronald (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

"A straight forward, no nonsense, efficient presentation. Very impressive." - Thomas (Newport Beach, CA)

"This was fascinating. After 43 years of civil trial practice, it still taught me many tricks I didn’t know." - Jon (Monrovia, CA)

"This was by far the MOST useful and practical course for PR I have taken in 33 years of practice! Thank you!" - Greg (Huntsville, AL)

"Very accessible and informative." - Megan (Dallas, TX)

"this presentation discussed the threat of cyber-attack, and measures available to detect and to respond to that attack. I have no suggestions for improving the presentation." - Dennis (Chicago, IL)

"Very helpful practical information regarding cybersecurity -- thank you!" - Clark (Ogden, UT)

"Fantastic course on a subject I knew nothing about. It will help protect my online security." - Suzanne (Bayport, NY)

"Excellent set of instructors who presented a complex issue with clarity!" - David (Albany, NY)

"Best CLE this year. Thanks." - Robert (Herber, UT)

"I enjoyed this course he went into details between big business and small business" - Elizabeth (Houston, TX)

"This was VERY well done. Very informative and helpful." - Dallin (Stansbury Park, UT)

"It was great as is. Interesting take on reviewing contracts and ethics; never used the two in the same sentence before." - Vivian (Missouri City, TX)

"the slides were very helpful to keep the viewer engaged and aware of the key takeaways." - Jennifer (Dallas, TX)

"Possibly the best Ethics Seminar I've ever taken." - James (Omaha, NE)

"Truly Excellent" - Thomas (Lafayette, CO)

"Interesting content...very well executed CLE." - Mark (Lu Verne, IA)

"The instructors were clear and neither rushed nor did they waste any time. The course was packed with information. The slides were well-coordinated with what was being said. I don't think it could have been improved." - Gloria (Jacksonville, FL)

"Great instructors and content." - Susan (Albuquerque, NM)

"Top notch supplemental materials." - Evan (Archer, FL)

"Excellent. Great slides as well." - Linda (Naperville, IL)

"So important as we all take medicine and remedies to be well and good to see what the legal implications are of this world." - Ela (Colts Neck, NJ)

"Very interesting. I enjoyed this one. " - David (Ventura, CA)

"This was my first MCLE course through you guys and I am extremely satisfied -- so easy to access and use. Excellent!" - Timothy (Fresno, CA)

"Excellent info!" - Nadine (Oceanside, CA)

"Very well edited and easy to watch. Good advice! " - Albert (El Monte, CA)

"Very prectical, mature, and helpful information. " - Albert (El Monte, CA)

"This could not be more easy -- click! " - Albert (El Monte, CA)

"None. Presenter was impressively knowledgeable, articulate, and effective." - john (san pedro, CA)

"It was great!" - Kevin (Roseville, CA)

"Great speaker." - Holly (Santa Monica, CA)

"Far beyond satisfied. Outstanding presenter and extremely interesting content. best of all mcle classes in my lengthy legal career." - john (san pedro, CA)

"Frankly, not possible to improve this level of excellence. thank you." - John (san pedro, CA)

"Very informative and interesting" - Ron (Santa Cruz, CA)


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