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Arkansas CLE

Top Arkansas CLE Questions


How many CLE hours are required?

12 hours - including 1 required hour of Legal Ethics.

How many state CLE hours can I take through Attorney Credits?

None. Arkansas does not allow on-demand CLE programs. All credits must be taken as Live Webcasts or in-person.

What are my CLE compliance and reporting requirements?

Reporting Cycle: Annual
Compliance Deadline: June 30
Reporting Deadline: August 31

Is there a special requirement for newly admitted attorneys?

No. Arkansas attorneys who are still in their first year of admission are exempt from completing the CLE requirement for that reporting cycle.

Can I carry hours forward to the next year?

Yes, Arkansas attorneys can carry over up to 12 excess CLE hours, including 1 ethics hour, into the next annual reporting cycle.

Does Attorney Credits verify my completion?

No. We do not offer CLE for Arkansas attorneys.

Does Attorney Credits report my CLE hours to the state bar?

No. We do not offer CLE for Arkansas attorneys.

How do I report the completion of my CLE requirement at the end of my compliance period?

A final report from the previous reporting cycle will be mailed to you before July 31. If you are in compliance, you do not need to take any further steps. If you are deficient CLE hours, then you must sign and return the acknowledgment of deficiency form by August 31 and complete the remainder of the requirement by December 1st. You must then report the deficient hours by December 15.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information about CLE in Arkansas, please call the Arkansas CLE Board at (501) 374-1855 or visit the Arkansas CLE Board website:

Arkansas CLE Requirements

State Requirements

Total MCLE Credits Required: 12
Total Online Credits Allowed: 0

Specialty Requirements

Legal Ethics - Minimum Credit Hours Per Cycle: 1

Compliance Requirements

Reporting Cycle: Annual
Compliance Deadline: June 30
Reporting Deadline: July 31


Arkansas CLE Info

Arkansas CLE can not be taken online. We do not offer AR CLE courses. Please lobby your state to move into the 21st Century.