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Montana CLE

Top Montana CLE Questions


How many MCLE hours are required?

Fifteen credit hours every year – including 2 required hours devoted to legal ethics.

How many MCLE hours can I take through Attorney Credits?

A maximum of 5 credit hours each year. To see a list of MCLE courses offered in Montana please click the following link: Montana Course List.

How do Attorney Credits' MCLE courses qualify for credit in Montana?

All of our online and downloadable on-demand MCLE courses have been approved for MCLE credit by the Montana Commission of Continuing Legal Education.

What are my MCLE compliance and reporting requirements?

Reporting Cycle: Annual
Compliance Deadline: March 31
Reporting Deadline: April 1

What is the requirement for newly admitted attorneys?

Newly admitted attorneys do not have any special requirements. Please note that newly admitted attorneys are not required to complete any MCLE for the remainder of the reporting year that they are admitted to the State Bar of Montana.

Can I carry hours forward to the next year?

Yes and no. A maximum of 30 "live" or "interactive" credit hours may be carried forward to the next 2 reporting years. "Other" credits such as online MCLE credit hours may NOT be carried over to subsequent compliance periods.

Does Attorney Credits verify my completion?

No. Montana attorneys monitor their own progress and verify their own completion once the course has been completed.

Does Attorney Credits report my MCLE hours to the Montana Commission of Continuing Legal Education?

No. Attorney Credits does not report your completed courses to the Montana Commission of Continuing Legal Education. We do maintain a record of all your completed courses and you can access your certificates of completion at anytime from our website.

How do I report my MCLE hours to the Montana Commission of Continuing Legal Education?

The easiest way to report MCLE credits is by sending copies of your certificates of completion to cle@montanabar.org.

How do I report the completion of my MCLE requirement at the end of my compliance period?

After the compliance period ends on March 31, you will receive a transcript of all the MCLE credit hours that have been posted to your MCLE record over the past reporting year. Unless you have not reported all your MCLE hours or you need to make changes it is not necessary to return the transcript. Your MCLE compliance should be reported no later than April 1. However, because there is a 6-week grace period you may earn and report Montana MCLE credit hours until May 15 without penalty.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information about MCLE in Montana, please call the Montana Commission of Continuing Legal Education at (406) 442-7660 or visit the Montana Commission of Continuing Legal Education webpage: https://www.mtcle.org.

You may also contact Attorney Credits by phone. For further assistance and information about the Montana MCLE requirement, please call our Support Center at (760) 434-1885.

Montana CLE Requirements

Provider Number


State Requirements

Total MCLE Credits Required: 15
Total Online Credits Allowed: 5

Specialty Requirements

Legal Ethics - Minimum Credit Hours Per Cycle: 2

Compliance Requirements

Reporting Cycle: 1 year
Compliance Deadline: 31-Mar
Reporting Deadline: 1-Apr

Montana CLE Info

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With Attorney Credits convenient on-demand Montana continuing legal education (CLE) courses, Montana attorneys can complete their MT CLE on their own schedule from the comfort of their own home or office! You can access AttorneyCredits.com and complete your Montana continuing legal education courses on most computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones so you can study your CLE courses where it’s convenient for you! Attorney Credits’ streaming video, MP3 and Video Download CLE courses have all been pre-approved for Montana CLE credit by the Montana CLE Commission. Under the MT CLE Rules, Montana attorneys may complete up to 5 MT CLE hours through online and downloadable on-demand CLE courses as part of the annual 15 hour Montana CLE requirement.

Montana attorneys must complete 15 MT CLE credits each annual CLE compliance period, including 2 hours of legal ethics or professionalism (substance abuse courses also qualify for ethics credits). The MT CLE compliance period begins on April 1 and ends on March 31. The deadline to report CLE compliance is April 1. In addition, there is a 6-week grace period during which you may earn and report MT CLE hours without penalty. Therefore, you may attend CLE programs up until May 15 to meet the requirement for the year ending March 31 without being assessed a late fee. Montana attorneys may complete up to 5 hours of MT CLE per year earned through online on-demand CLE courses that have been pre-approved by the Montana CLE Commission. Attorney Credits is approved by the Montana CLE Commission to provide online CLE courses in the state and all of Attorney Credits' Montana continuing legal education courses have been pre-approved for credit.