Arizona MCLE FAQ


How many MCLE hours are required?

Fifteen (15) credit hours ? including three (3) hours of Professional Responsibility or Legal Ethics.

How many MCLE hours can I take through Attorney Credits?

All fifteen (15) credit hours. To see a list of MCLE courses offered in Arizona please click the following link: Arizona Course List

How do Attorney Credits? MCLE courses qualify for credit in Arizona?

Arizona does not certify MCLE courses or providers. Arizona lawyers are required to independently review Arizona MCLE regulations and make their own determination that courses qualify for credit towards their MCLE requirements. Many MCLE providers routinely meet the standards of Arizona MCLE Rule 45. Attorney Credits is an approved provider in numerous states across the country and currently offers MCLE for 48 states. Arizona attorneys have been taking our MCLE courses for years without issue.

What are my MCLE compliance and reporting requirements?

Reporting Cycle: Annual
Compliance Deadline: June 30
Reporting Deadline: September 15

What is the requirement for newly admitted attorneys?

Newly admitted attorneys are required to attend the State Bar of Arizona?s professionalism course within the first year of admission or registration, unless exempted. A new member taking inactive status immediately upon admission is exempt from completing the course but must complete 1 within 12 months of becoming an active member of the State Bar. A new member who is an active member but does not reside in Arizona, and does not practice Arizona law is exempt from completing the course but must complete 1 within 12 months of becoming a resident of Arizona, or commencing the practice of Arizona law, even if from out of state.

Does Attorney Credits offer the Professionalism course for newly admitted attorneys?

No. This course is only offered by the State Bar of Arizona. The course is not available online and there are no other course substitutes for the program.

Can I carry hours forward to the next year?

Yes, fifteen (15) credit hours may be carried over to the next compliance period. Arizona attorneys may carry over three (3) credit hours of professional responsibility or legal ethics.

Does Attorney Credits verify my completion?

Yes, under the Arizona MCLE requirements we must monitor your course attendance and completion. For online streaming video courses you must click on randomly inserted pop ups during the video to confirm that you are viewing the course. For downloadable MCLE courses we have embedded numeric codes in the courses. You must write these number codes down and then enter them on our website after you complete the course to obtain your course certificate. Please note that the date you enter the codes and get the certificate is the date that will be printed on the certificate.

Does Attorney Credits report my MCLE hours to the State Bar of Arizona?

No. Attorney Credits does not report your compliance to the State Bar of Arizona. Arizona attorneys are required to self-report their hours. We do maintain a record of all your completed courses and you can access your certificates of completion at anytime from our website.

How do I report the completion of my MCLE requirement at the end of my compliance period?

The annual MCLE compliance period in Arizona is from July 1 to the following June 30. Arizona attorneys must file MCLE affidavits by September 15 of each year to report compliance. The online electronic affidavit is available in mid-July. An alternative option to report compliance is to print off a blank affidavit from the State Bar of Arizona website, complete and mail it. Attorneys may also use the blank affidavit in the Arizona Attorney magazine issued in mid-August.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information about MCLE in Arizona, please call the State Bar of Arizona at (602) 252-4804 or visit the State Bar of Arizona website:

You may also contact Attorney Credits by phone. For further assistance and information about the Arizona MCLE requirement, please call our Support Center at (760) 434-1885.

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