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Bundle A: South Carolina Premiere Bundle

The South Carolina Premiere Bundle features a selection of our newest and most popular CLE courses. This bundle provides 6 CLE units, including 2 Legal Ethics hours. All courses are available on-demand as streaming videos. Any course in this bundle can be exchanged with an alternate course of equal value at no additional cost. Simply purchase the bundle, edit your course list, and start earning your compliance credits immediately.

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  • But I Only Had Two Beers!!
  • Counseling Your Business Clients on Trademarks
  • Ethics and the Small Law Practitioner
  • From Harry Ellis to Trump: The Ethics of Federal Disqualification Motions
  • Introduction to Examination of Altered Documents
  • Social Media Chatter at Work: Employer Dos and Don'ts

If you are a South Carolina attorney and you need to complete your South Carolina bar CLE requirement, Attorney Credits offers you the convenience to complete your CLE at any time of the day or night! Our website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can study your online and downloadable SC bar CLE courses at home, in the office or on-the-go. Attorney Credits features one-click South Carolina CLE bundles with 6 SC CLE credit hours all packaged together. You can also select individual South Carolina CLE courses if you only need to pick up a few extra legal ethics or substance abuse CLE credits. Attorney Credits will keep track and report your CLE compliance to the South Carolina Commission on CLE within 30 days of course completion and there are no tests or quizzes. Attorney Credits offers the online South Carolina CLE courses you need to maintain compliance with your CLE requirement!

South Carolina attorneys are required to complete at least 14 hours of approved South Carolina bar CLE each annual compliance period, including two (2) required hours devoted to legal ethics and professional responsibility (LEPR credit). In addition, at least once every three (3) years you must complete one (1) hour of instruction devoted exclusively to substance abuse or mental health issues and the legal profession. Please note that South Carolina attorneys are limited to a maximum of 6 online CLE hours of the required 14 CLE credit hours. All CLE credits must be completed by February 28 and South Carolina Bar Association members must report their CLE compliance by filing an annual compliance report by March 1. The South Carolina Commission on CLE mails all active, non-exempt attorneys an annual report of SC CLE compliance in January. If your SC CLE compliance report is complete and correct, you will need to sign it, have it notarized and return it along with the filing fee before March 1. If you file your SC bar CLE compliance report after March 1 (but before April 15) you will be assessed a late filing fee of $50 - in addition to the $50 annual filing fee. If you have filed your SC Bar CLE compliance report late on previous occasions, you will be assessed a late filing fee of $100 in addition to the $50 annual filing fee.

Attorney Credits makes completing your required South Carolina bar CLE convenient, easy and affordable and our attorney clients consistently compliment us on the quality of our CLE courses and presenters. We support you with unlimited phone and email support and helpful, informative customer service. Why wait to complete your SC CLE and risk fines and possibly suspension? Sign up with Attorney Credits and begin studying your South Carolina CLE courses today!