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Attorney Credits offers pre-approved online CLE to keep you compliant with your Minnesota CLE requirement. Choose from streaming video MN CLE courses if you want to study your CLE courses online or MP3 & Video Download CLE courses if you prefer to study your Minnesota CLE courses offline. Attorney Credits offers Minnesota CLE compliance bundles and packages that feature 15 units of pre-approved MN CLE courses. You can also select individual Minnesota Continuing Legal Education courses if you only need to pick up a few extra CLE credits.

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Minnesota CLE Requirements

Minnesota CLE Requirement
Total MN CLE Credits Required: 45

Minnesota Specialty Requirement
Legal Ethics: 3 credit hours. Elimination of Bias: 2 credit hours.

MN CLE Compliance Requirements
Reporting Cycle: 3 years
CLE Compliance Deadline: June 30
CLE Reporting Deadline: August 31

Credits MN Attorneys Can Earn on AttorneyCredits.com
Lawyers in MN may earn up to fifteen (15) MN CLE credit hours via online and downloadable audio and video CLE courses.


Top Minnesota CLE Questions

  • What are the mandatory CLE requirements in Minnesota?
    Minnesota attorneys must complete at least forty-five (45) MN CLE credit hours each three-year MN CLE compliance cycle, including 3 credit hours of legal ethics and 2 credit hours of elimination of bias.
  • How many Minnesota CLE credit hours can I take through Attorney Credits?
    Minnesota attorneys are limited to 15 online and downloadable CLE credits of the required 45 credit hours.
  • When must I report my Minnesota CLE compliance?
    On or before August 31 of your reporting period, you must file an Affidavit of CLE Compliance with the MN CLE Board proving completion of accredited CLE courses or activities for the period ending on June 30.
  • What are the Minnesota CLE compliance categories?
    The MN Supreme Court?s Lawyer Registration Office designates each new Minnesota attorney as Category 1, 2, or 3 for CLE purposes. The MN CLE category is associated with a 3-year term that determines when the attorney files the affidavit of CLE compliance. Category 1 attorneys file CLE in 2015, Category 2 in 2016, and Category 3 in 2014.
  • How are CLE credit hours that I complete reported to the Minnesota CLE Board?
    Minnesota attorneys are responsible for reporting their own CLE credit hours completed. You may report online through the Minnesota CLE Board website?s OASIS reporting portal. Or you may report in paper form by completing an affidavit of attendance for each CLE course you complete.
  • How do I report my Minnesota CLE compliance?
    You must report your mandatory Minnesota CLE completion by reporting compliance with the Minnesota CLE Board. The Affidavit of CLE Compliance may be filed at anytime throughout the MN CLE reporting cycle. However, you must file your affidavit no later than August 31st of your reporting year. Instead of filing a CLE affidavit, you may also report you CLE course attendance by logging on to your Attorney Record.
  • Who can I contact for more information about MN CLE?
    For more information about CLE in Minnesota, please call the Minnesota CLE Board at (651) 297-7100. You may also contact Attorney Credits support via email or telephone. For further assistance and information, please call our Support Center at 877-910-MCLE (6253) or visit the support page on the website by clicking the following link: http://support.cesupportsite.com/index.php?/attorneycredits.
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