Louisiana CLE Bundle

Bundle A: Louisiana Premiere Bundle

The Louisiana Premiere Bundle features a selection of our newest and most popular CLE courses. This bundle provides 4 CLE units, including 1 hour of Legal Ethics and 1 hour of Professionalism. All courses are available on-demand as streaming videos. Any course in this bundle can be exchanged with an alternate course of equal value at no additional cost. Simply purchase the bundle, edit your course list, and start earning your compliance credits immediately.

4 credits for only $44.99

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  • Bias in the Legal Profession: How Culture & Gender Impacts the Legal Process
  • Dealing with High Conflict People in Court
  • Psychology of the Jury: Conducting a Successful Voir Dire
  • What Me Worry? Professional Responsibility, Evolving Technology and Why I Might

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If it?s already the end of December and you finally have your holiday shopping done ? but you haven?t even started completing your Louisiana MCLE requirement yet. What do you do now?

Don?t panic, Attorney Credits has you covered! We have the CLE that you need to start completing your Louisiana MCLE ? today! You can sign up in minutes and begin taking your LA courses immediately! Unless you order a MP3 Player or USB Stick there is no mailing of materials and certificates are available instantly after course completion.

How can we accomplish this? Attorney Credits features a state-of-the-art CLE website that allows you to seamlessly complete your Louisiana MCLE without the hassle. Why get in the car and fight traffic to drive down to the local bar association? With Attorney Credits & CLE Your Way, our website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our user-friendly website allows you to take online courses, download offline courses, access written materials, download or email certificates, and we even maintain your certificates online for you!

Attorney Credits Louisiana CLE courses have been pre-approved by the Louisiana CLE Committee so you don?t have to worry about your CLE credit being accepted. You may choose from pre-selected one-click Louisiana CLE bundles, Build Your Own Bundle, individual LA CLE courses and our Unlimited CLE Credit package. You can complete your CLE courses in the following media formats: streaming audio & video, MP3 and video download. We also offer MP3 Player and USB Stick compliance packages that come pre-loaded with 4 LA CLE units if you want to study offline but don?t want to download your courses.

Louisiana attorneys must complete twelve and a half (12.5) credit hours each annual compliance period, including 1 hour of ethics and one hour of professionalism. Louisiana attorneys must complete all CLE hours by December 31 and properly report by January 31. A $150 late fee will be assessed against members of the Louisiana State Bar Association who do not comply with the MCLE Rules. Any bar member who is not in compliance with their MCLE requirements within 60 days of the Notice of Noncompliance being sent by the MCLE Committee will be declared ineligible to practice law in Louisiana.

Louisiana allows its attorneys to complete up to 4 CLE credit hours online to count towards the annual 12 unit MCLE requirement. Online CLE courses are considered ?technologically assisted programming? under the Louisiana MCLE Rules. Attorney Credit?s online Louisiana CLE courses have been pre-approved for CLE credit by the Louisiana MCLE Committee. Attorney Credit?s CLE courses qualify for credit in Louisiana because we utilize numerical codes inserted into the audio or video course. These numerical codes make the online courses interactive and serve as a tracking mechanism to ensure that the attorney completes the course. If you are an attorney practicing in Louisiana, you may use 4 online CLE credit hours from Attorney Credits towards your annual 12 unit MCLE requirement.

Don?t wait until December 31 to begin completing your Louisiana MCLE requirement. Get started today with Attorney Credits!