State Fees

What are State Fees?

Some states such as Hawaii, Illinois, Nebraska, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Utah charge us every time you complete a course. Illinois charges us $.75. Nebraska and Tennessee charges us $1.00 per credit hour. Pennsylvania charges us $1.50 per credit hour and $1.50 for any portion greater then 1.0 but less then 2.0 credit hours. Utah charges us $1.50 per credit hour and Hawaii and Nevada each charges us $5.00 per credit hour. This extra fee is only for the Unlimited Credit Plan and for adding state certificates in state fee states when the course was originally purchased for a different state. This extra fee is included if you buy a course at regular price for a state with fees and one click state bundles. However, if you purchase a state bundle that doesn't have the fee built in, or are a member of a different state that has a fee you will have to purchase extra state fees to get credit in that state.