How Does It Work?

Getting North Carolina CLE credits at an affordable price has never been easier. We have made signing up, taking your courses, and getting certificates an easy three step process. Plus you can choose from streaming video, streaming audio, MP3, or video download courses. No other CLE provider gives you all the options we do! Better still, your credits never expire, so take your courses on your schedule! You can even change courses if you decide you don't like the speaker or the topic. Once you have your certificate you can even review the course for one year. Our on demand courses are available whenever you want them, we provide instant certificates, and there are NO TESTS REQUIRED!!! There is no better deal on North Carolina CLE. Here's how it works...

Step 1: Choose a Course or Bundle

  • Choose a North Carolina One-Click State Bundle. To find a North Carolina state bundle click here.
  • Build your own North Carolina bundle and choose your own courses click here.
  • Select individual courses from the North Carolina course list. For the courses list click here.
  • Buy Unlimited credits for $174.99 and take as many courses as you want for 365 days. To purchase unlimited credits click here.

Step 2: Start Your Course

Once you have made your purchase you will automatically be directed to the User Homepage. To begin your first course click the My Courses link and find the first course you want to take.

Step 3: Get your Certificate Instantly

As soon as you complete your course you can download or email your Certificate of Completion immediately. With Attorney Credits there are no tests!

It really is that simple North Carolina. 1. Make your purchase. 2. Take your course. 3. Get your certificate.