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The Attorney Credits Featured Faculty Program is an excellent platform to showcase your legal expertise on a national level.

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William Eddy

High Conflict Institute

Phone: (619) 221-9108

Family Law


Bill Eddy is a lawyer, therapist, mediator and the President of High Conflict Institute. He developed the "High Conflict Personality" theory (HCP Theory) and has become an international expert on managing disputes involving high conflict personalitie...

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Michael Feigin

Feigin and Fridman LLC - Patents, Trademarks

Phone: (212) 316-0381

Intellectual Property


Michael J. Feigin, Esq. drafts patents in a variety of fields. This include software and technology patents, medical patents, mechanical patents, some electrical patents, and other fields includes chemical and design. He made and maintains this websi...

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Christian Fenton

CIR Law Offices International

Phone: (858) 495-1429

Intellectual Property


Chris Fenton is an attorney focusing his practice on the counseling clients and the prosecuting and litigating of their intellectual property rights. He has been practicing law for almost ten years, and is currently a partner at CIR Law Offices Inter...

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Joshua Ferraro

Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith, PLLC

Phone: (561) 655-2028

Family Law, Personal Injury


Joshua D. Ferraro was born in Stuart, Florida, in 1979. After graduating from Martin County High School, he attended the University of Florida and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. Following graduation, Josh studied law at Stetso...

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Dave Fox

Fox Law

Phone: (619) 237-3490

Personal Injury


Dave is a trial lawyer that has dedicated his career to helping ordinary people going through extraordinary circumstances. Dave has obtained remarkable settlements and verdicts for his clients in difficult cases involving wrongful death, catastrophic...

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Michael Freeland

Freeland Law APC

Phone: (619) 283-3700

Employment Law


Mike Freeland is a sole practitioner and owner of Freeland Law APC, in La Mesa, CA -specializing in employment law. Mr. Freeland represents and counsels employers and employees of all types in private sector/government matters such as: wage and hour,...

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Eric Ganci

Ganci, Esq., APC

Phone: (760) 760-4941

Criminal Law


Eric Ganci runs an exclusive practice in DUI defense, with a focus on science and trial work. He is trained in blood testing for drugs and alcohol, trained on breath testing, trained to train police on field sobriety tests, and was recently awarded t...

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