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The D.C. Premiere Bundle features a selection of our newest and most popular CLE courses. This bundle provides 10 CLE units, including 3 Legal Ethics hours. All courses are available on-demand as streaming videos or can be downloaded as audio or video versions so you can take your credits from anywhere. Any course in this bundle can be exchanged with an alternate course of equal value at no additional cost. Simply purchase the bundle, edit your course list, and start earning your compliance credits immediately.

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  • But I Only Had Two Beers!!
  • Counseling Your Business Clients on Trademarks
  • Digital Forensics for Attorneys 101
  • Elder Law 101: An Introduction
  • Ethics and the Small Law Practitioner
  • From Harry Ellis to Trump: The Ethics of Federal Disqualification Motions
  • How to Succeed in Mediation by Really Trying
  • Introduction to Examination of Altered Documents
  • Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll: How Modern Lifestyle Industries Push the Limit of IP Law
  • Social Media: Ethics and Records Implications for Lawyers

Generally, attorneys that are members of the Washington D.C. Bar do not have a mandatory CLE requirement. Members of the D.C. Bar are encouraged to engage in such continuing legal education as is necessary to maintain the requisite competence to practice law (See D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.1, Comment [6]). As part of their professional duties, members of the D.C. Bar should complete CLE in order to keep current on new developments in the law and should continue to sharpen their skills as the practice of law continues to evolve in the 21st century.

There are, however, two classes of attorneys that do have some form of continuing legal education requirement in Washington D.C. First, all attorneys admitted to the District of Columbia Bar after 1994 are required to complete the Mandatory District of Columbia Course on the D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct and District of Columbia Practice. This mandatory DC Bar CLE course must be completed within 12 months after admission to the D.C. Bar. Second, attorneys who have been inactive members of the D.C. Bar for five or more years must also take the Mandatory Course before returning to active status. This includes attorneys that have resigned or that have been suspended for five or more years, including suspension for nonpayment of dues.

Attorney Credits offers an assortment of one-click D.C. CLE bundles that will help you to maintain your professional competence to practice law. Attorney Credits also offers individual DC CLE courses if you need to pick up legal ethics credits or complete courses on malpractice prevention. Attorneys in non-mandatory CLE states such as Washington D.C. may be eligible to receive discounts on their malpractice insurance. ALPS offers a 10% credit for each attorney in a firm that completes 3 DC bar CLE course credits in the areas of ethics, risk management or office management.

With Attorney Credits, there is no waiting for DC CLE courses or certificates! Once you sign up you have instant access to your DC CLE courses and you can print certificates instantly upon course completion. With Attorney Credits state-of-the-art CLE website you can complete your DC CLE courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your home or office computer and on most mobile devices - including most iPods, iPhones, androids and tablets. There are no tests required with our Washington DC continuing legal education courses, and with CLE Your Way you have the power to choose how you view or listen to your DC CLE courses. Choose from streaming audio & video if you want to work with an Internet connection or download your D.C. CLE courses as an MP3 or video download course and work offline. Attorney Credits is an approved provider of CLE around the country and currently offers CLE in over 30 states. If you are licensed in other states, you can use also your DC Continuing Legal Education courses towards your CLE requirement in other mandatory CLE states such as California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.