PA CLE: 2 Credit Hours of Ethics for 2015


Attorneys that are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania must still complete a minimum of twelve (12) CLE credits each compliance period in order to fulfill the annual Pennsylvania CLE requirement. However, if you are a Pennsylvania attorney there are some recent changes to the PA CLE regulations that you should be aware of.

The Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board has made changes to rules and regulations that will permit more credits to be earned via distance learning and increase the annual ethics requirement.

First, Rule 108 (e) has been changed to increase the amount of credit hours Pennsylvania attorneys may earn by completing online and downloadable CLE courses from four (4) to six (6) credit hours annually. Second, the PA CLE Board also adopted a regulation change that increases the ethics component of the annual PA CLE requirement from one (1) to two (2) credit hours annually.[1] The amendments to the PA CLE rules and regulations will take effect for PA CLE compliance periods that have CLE requirement deadlines in 2015.[2]

The amendments to the PA CLE rules and regulations will take effect for CLE compliance periods that have requirement deadlines in 2015.

These PA CLE changes became effective May 1, 2014, and affect all Pennsylvania attorneys with 2015 compliance dates. Therefore, Pennsylvania attorneys that are in Group I and Group II are now able to complete 6 credit hours through online and downloadable on-demand video and audio courses.[3] Since Group III Pennsylvania attorneys still have a 2014 compliance date (12/31/2014) they are still subject to the 4 credit hour limit for online and downloadable on-demand CLE courses.[4] Group III are also still only required to complete one credit hour of ethics CLE. For more information about CLE in Pennsylvania, please click here: PA CLE.

[1] The new PA CLE provisions for distance learning will provide PA lawyers the option of completing up to half of their annual PA CLE requirement through distance learning and computer-based education.

[2] The ethics credit increase marks the first significant modification to the PA CLE requirement since 1996 when the total requirement expanded from nine credits to twelve.

[3] The compliance period for Group 1 attorneys is May 1 – April 30, Group II:  September 1 – August 31

[4] Group III:  January 1 – December 31

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CO CLE: Late CLE Reporting


Like many attorneys around the country lawyers that are licensed to practice law in Colorado have a mandatory continuing legal education (CLE) requirement. Colorado attorneys are required to complete a minimum of 45 credit hours of approved CO CLE every 3 years in order to fulfill the CO CLE requirement. Of the 45 required Colorado CLE credit hours, at least 7 credit hours of legal ethics must be completed.

Colorado CLE Compliance & Reporting Requirements

  • Reporting Cycle: 3 years
  • Compliance Deadline: December 31
  • Reporting Deadline: January 31

You must complete your CO CLE requirement by December 31 and report your Colorado CLE compliance by January 31 in order to keep your license to practice law in Colorado in good standing. If you do not complete the required CO CLE units at the end of your compliance period, your final Affidavit may be accompanied by a specific plan for making up the CLE deficiency within 17 weeks after the date that the final affidavit is issued. The CLE deficiency plan must be accompanied by a make-up plan filing fee.[1] The attorney must report full completion of the CLE make-up to the CLE Board no later than 14 days following the 119-day period.

I do not practice law in Colorado. Do I have to continue earning CLE credits?

Yes. Unless you file for inactive status, you must comply with the CO CLE requirements. If you go on inactive status, CLE requirements are suspended for the time you are inactive. You may not practice law in Colorado if your license is inactive.

Attorney Credits is an Approved Sponsor of CLE (continuing legal education) in Colorado. Our online and offline on-demand Colorado CLE courses have all been approved for CLE credit by the Colorado CLE Board for homestudy CLE credit because our CO CLE courses meet the requirements of Colorado MCLE Rule 103(j). To access more information about Colorado CLE, please click the following link: CO CLE.

[1] The CO CLE Board will determine the amount of the fee annually. The CLE deficiency plan will be accepted by the CO CLE Board – unless within 14 days after the receipt of the final affidavit the Board notifies the attorney that the plan has been rejected.

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NC CLE: Now 6 Online CLE Credit Hours Annually


Almost every attorney around the country has some type of continuing legal education requirement. At this point in time only a handful of states around the country have yet to adopt a mandatory CLE requirement for attorneys licensed to practice law in their state. Attorneys licensed to practice law in North Carolina must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours each annual North Carolina CLE compliance period.

North Carolina CLE Compliance & Reporting Requirements

  • Reporting Cycle: Annual
  • Compliance Deadline: December 31
  • Required Hours: 12 credit hours
  • Online CLE Allowed: 6 credit hours

There is one bright spot for attorneys in North Carolina when it comes time to complete the NC CLE requirement. North Carolina recently amended their CLE Rules to now allow 6 credit hours of computer-based CLE courses. The NC CLE rules previously allowed only 4 online credit hours each year. That means that North Carolina attorneys may now complete half of their annual NC CLE requirement through online CLE courses.

.1604 (e) Computer-Based CLE. Effective January 1, 2014, a member may receive up to six hours of credit annually for participation in a course on CD-ROM or on-line. A CD-ROM course is an educational seminar on a compact disk that is accessed through the CD-ROM drive of the user’s personal computer. An on-line course is an educational seminar available on a provider’s website reached via the Internet.

Under the North Carolina CLE rules CD-ROM or online CLE courses are considered computer based-CLE. An online course is considered an educational seminar that is available on a CLE provider’s website that is accessed via the Internet. Attorney Credits offers streaming video CLE courses for North Carolina attorneys to study their CLE online and we also offer MP3 and Video Download courses for attorneys to study their NC CLE offline. All online NC CLE courses have been pre-approved by the NC CLE Board. For more information about CLE in North Carolina please click here: NC CLE.

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AZ CLE: 15 Online CLE Credit Hours Annually


Attorneys licensed to practice law in the state of Arizona have mandatory CLE requirements.  During the Arizona CLE compliance period, each Arizona attorney must complete a total of 15 credit hours of AZ CLE, including a minimum of 3 credit hours of professional responsibility or legal ethics.  The AZ CLE compliance period runs from July 1 to the following June 30.

Arizona CLE Compliance & Reporting Requirements

  • Reporting Cycle: Annual
  • Compliance Deadline: June 30
  • Reporting Deadline: September 15

Arizona attorneys may complete all 15 required credit hours through online CLE courses.  However, please note that the State Bar of Arizona does not certify CLE courses or CLE providers.  Arizona attorneys must decide if a CLE course will be considered for CLE credit under the CLE Rules of Arizona, specifically Arizona MCLE Regulation 104(a).[1]  For an online AZ CLE programs to qualify for CLE credit, the key is that the course must be considered interactive.

For online programs, what qualifies for interactive or self-study?[2]

Where the order of presentation or the content of the course material is dependent on the attorney’s response and the attorney has an opportunity to respond to prompts initiated by the faculty or placed within the course material, it is considered to be interactive.

All of Attorney Credits’ Arizona CLE courses are considered interactive under the Arizona MCLE Rules and Regulations.  For online AZ CLE programs we use verification prompts that are randomly inserted during the course of the online course to monitor your participation.  For offline CLE courses we use number codes embedded in the course to verify your participation and course completion.  For further information about the mandatory Arizona CLE program please click the following link: AZ CLE.

[1]See: MCLE Regulation 104(a).[2]

[2]Frequently Asked Questions About MCLE in Arizona

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New Jersey CLE: December 31 NJ CLE Deadline


For many New Jersey attorneys the day of reckoning is almost here.  That’s right…. it’s almost time to get started on that New Jersey CLE requirement!

New Jersey CLE Compliance & Reporting Requirements

  • Reporting Cycle: 2 years
  • Compliance Deadline: December 31
  • Reporting Deadline: December 31

And I know that many attorneys across the country have turned procrastination into an art form.  We here at Attorney Credits know that because the phone starts ringing off the hook as we approach CLE deadlines.  And that’s why the end of the year is always one of our busiest period – because so many states have year-end CLE deadlines.

If you’re a New Jersey attorney and your birthday falls between January 1 – June 30 then you are in Compliance Group 1.  Attorneys in Compliance Group 1 must report New Jersey CLE compliance in EVEN numbered years.

For about half of the attorneys licensed to practice in New Jersey the deadline to complete and report NJ CLE compliance is December 31.  Since this is 2014, if your birthday falls before June 30 that means it’s time to get your NJ CLE requirement done!  Don’t wait until New Years Eve… start taking online and offline NJ CLE courses with Attorney Credits today!  Please click here for more information about New Jersey CLE: NJ CLE.

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FL CLE: How often and by when do I need to report CLE compliance?


Attorneys that are members of The Florida Bar must complete 30 FL CLE credit hours each three year FL CLE compliance period.  In order to properly fulfill the 30 credit hour FL CLE requirement, Florida attorneys must also complete 5 credit hours in the area of legal ethics.  Please note that CLE courses that focus on substance abuse, professionalism or mental illness awareness will be considered towards legal ethics credit.

Florida CLE Compliance & Reporting Requirements

  • Reporting Cycle: 3 years
  • Compliance Deadline: Varies
  • Reporting Deadline: Varies

Attorneys that are members of the Florida Bar are required to report their Florida CLE hours completed every three years to fulfill their FL CLE Requirement (CLER).  In order to report FL CLE compliance each Florida attorney is assigned a three-year reporting cycle.  You can find your FL CLE reporting date on the mailing label of The Florida Bar News.

If you do not properly complete and report your FL CLE you run could possibly be deemed a delinquent member.  Delinquent members are prohibited from engaging in the practice of Florida law.

If you have not completed 30 FL CLE credit hours, three months before to the end of your CLE reporting cycle you will receive a CLER Reporting Affidavit.  You must report your FL CLE credit hours online or return the affidavit with any CLE courses or activities you were unable to report online.  For more information about Florida CLE please click here: FL CLE.

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Texas CLE: How do I report CLE compliance?


Attorneys licensed to practice in Texas must complete at least 15 Texas CLE credit hours each annual TX MCLE compliance period as part of the mandatory CLE requirement in Texas.  Texas attorneys must also complete at least 3 credit hours of Legal Ethics or Professional Responsibility to properly fulfill the mandatory 15 credit hour TX CLE requirement.  But how do you report your TX MCLE compliance to the State Bar of Texas?

Texas MCLE Compliance & Reporting Requirements

  • Reporting Cycle: Annual
  • Compliance Deadline: Last day of month preceding birth month
  • Reporting Deadline: First day of attorney’s birth month

You will report your annual TX MCLE compliance on the Annual MCLE Verification Report.  Your Annual MCLE Verification Report will be mailed to you by the State Bar of Texas eight weeks before the month that you were born.  It is your duty to review this report carefully to ensure that it is both accurate and complete.

If the Verification Report indicates that you have completed the requisite number of TX MCLE hours, then no further action is required.

If you have NOT completed or reported the minimum 15 TX credit hours by the last day of your compliance year, a reminder Notice will be emailed and mailed to you by the State Bar of Texas at the beginning of your birth month.[1]  If you do not complete and report at least 15 hours of Texas CLE by the last day of your birth month grace period then you will be in non-compliance and subject to a penalty.  Please click this link to access more information about CLE in Texas: TX CLE.

 [1] This period is considered a grace period and you will be given this period in order to comply with the TX CLE requirements without a penalty.

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IL CLE: What are the mandatory CLE requirements in Illinois?


Illinois lawyers must complete a minimum of thirty (30) Illinois CLE credit hours every two years in order to fulfill their IL MCLE requirement.  As part of this 30 credit hour IL CLE requirement at least six (6) credit hours must be in the area of Professional Responsibility.

Illinois MCLE Compliance Requirements:

  • Reporting Cycle: 2 years
  • Credit Hours: 30
  • Compliance Deadline: June 30
  • Reporting Deadline: July 31

In Illinois, there are 2 different MCLE reporting groups for IL CLE compliance purposes.  The reporting groups in Illinois are determined by the attorney’s last name.[1]  Illinois attorneys whose last name starts with A – M should have completed 30 IL CLE credit hours by June 30, 2014.  The deadline to report IL CLE compliance was July 31, 2014.  For information about late compliance please click here: Illinois CLE.

Illinois MCLE Reporting Periods:

  • Last names A – M: July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2014
  • Last names N – Z: July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015

Attorneys licensed to practice in Illinois and subject to the IL MCLE requirement may satisfy all 30 IL CLE credit hours through online IL CLE courses.  Attorney Credits is an Accredited Provider of CLE in Illinois and all of our Illinois CLE courses are presumptively pre-approved by the Illinois MCLE Board.  For more information about the Illinois CLE requirements, deadlines and IL CLE compliance packages, please click the following link: IL CLE.

[1] As your last name as it appears on the master roll of attorneys with the Illinois ARDC (Attorney Registration & Discipline Commission).

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New York CLE: Accredited NY CLE Sponsors


Attorney Credits offers CLE in states across the country to help attorneys fulfill their mandatory CLE requirement.  We offer CLE in thirty-two states at this point in time and we will be adding more states next year to better serve attorneys around the country.  Attorneys enjoy our convenient online format and the quality of our courses in addition to our helpful customer service.

The New York State Continuing Legal Education Board has approved Attorney Credits as an Accredited Provider of CLE in New York.

Attorney Credits has such a strong track record of delivering CLE around the country that we are approved providers of CLE in many of the larger states that offer such status.  We are approved providers of CLE in California, Illinois and Texas to name a few.  Attorney Credits has also been an Accredited Provider of CLE in New York for a number of years.  Please click the following link to see a list of Accredited Providers in New York: NY Accredited Sponsors.

Continuing legal education courses or programs sponsored by Accredited Providers are deemed approved for CLE credit in New York.

With our online, on-demand format we have helped thousands of New York attorneys conveniently complete their NY CLE requirement from the comfort of their home or office.  If you want to study your NY CLE online we offer streaming video courses.  And if you want to work off-line we offer NY CLE courses in a downloadable MP3 and Video Download format.  For more information about New York CLE please click the following link: NY CLE.

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FAQ About California MCLE Audit


You are a California attorney and you completed your 25 credit hour MCLE requirement back in January right before the end of the deadline.  The CA MCLE requirement is about the furthest thing on your mind at this point in time.  You go to your mailbox to grab your latest edition of California Lawyer … and the next thing you know you are holding an envelope from the State Bar of California.

Can I submit all of my hours as self-study? [1]

No. To complete the audit you need to submit proof of completion of the required number of participatory courses.

Your California MCLE compliance has been audited.  The State Bar of California is requesting that you show them proof that you properly completed all 25 credit hours of CLE – including at least 12.5 hours of participatory credit, 4 credit hours of legal ethics, 1 credit hour of elimination of bias and 1 credit hour of substance abuse.  What do you do now?

I’ve submitted my audit materials.  How will I know when the audit has been received and completed? [2]

Once your audit is complete, you will receive a letter confirming your successful completion of the administrative portion of the audit.

If you need more information about the MCLE audit in California, the State Bar of California has created an FAQ page regarding how to proceed if your CA MCLE compliance has bas been audited.  The Cal Bar knows that being audited can be stressful so they have provided you with pertinent answers that you need so that you can respond to the audit properly and provide the Cal Bar with all the necessary information.  To access the Cal Bar MCLE Audit FAQ please click here: CA MCLE Audit.

[1] MCLE Audit FAQS

[2] MCLE Audit FAQS

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